Thursday, August 12, 2010


My two boys are the two most hilarious people I have ever met. They are also smarter than I am. One of them is always one step ahead of me and the other one is very difficult for me to keep up with. Four and nine, both diagnosed with autism, though the jury is still out on the little one. I think he is probably closer to the condition called Asperger's. Once when I told him he would someday be a big man like Daddy, he said, "that can't be true, for I am a mere boy." What they refer to as Little Professor Speech is definite sign of Asperger's. So many friends have told me I need to write a book, start a blog, keep a real record of the amazing comments, incredible insights, and extraordinary actions of my two little boys. I always put this stuff on facebook, and will continue to do so. My followers, if I get any! Might see some repeats. Here is the first one, from this morning. William is my nine year old, Sean is four. William goes to a special class for autistic children and he also attends summer school.
William hates to go to the bathroom before getting on the bus. He always wants to "wait 'til he gets to school." I tried a new tactic today. I said I was going to cry if he didn't go to the bathroom. He got pretty concerned and I mustered up some fake sobs. He held my face in his hands, told me not to cry. Hugged me. Squared his shoulders and looked resolved to his fate. And marched to the bathroom without another word.